Cardinia Boxes

Whats in A Box?

Your box will be filled with seasonal and staple fruit and veg. It will be different every week, but always a nice balanced range, allowing you to cook interesting meals.

How much does it cost?

We have two sizes:

Medium - $25

Large - $35

What am I signing up for?

Boxes are available on a weekly subscription.

How do I receive my box?

You can pick up your box from one of our local partnering organisations - Community Grocer Hubs - in Pakenham or Cockatoo on Thursdays.

What is a subscription?

You are signing up for a subscription service. This means that once you fill in the sign up form below and receive confirmation from your local market manager, you will begin to receive a ‘seasonals and staples’ fruit and veg box each week until you inform us that you’d like to stop your service. You are welcome to try for one week before committing.

Pausing your box

We understand that there may be infrequent situations in which you’ll need to pause your service. If going away on holiday or needing to skip a week or two of deliveries, please let us know at least one week in advance and we’ll pause your deliveries and commence again on your indicated date.


For you first box you will be sent an invoice and asked to store your card details for future payments. You will then be direct debited weekly the day of your box delivery unless you have paused your box. Your card details will be securely stored via our Square account.

Reusable Bags

In some locations your produce will come in a reusable jute bag with your name on it. You will need to return your empty bag each week when you collect the next one. If your bag is lost or not returned, you will be charged $7. If you forget to bring your bag, please email your market manager to let them know that you will bring it the following week.

Please Note

Due to pop-up and volunteer dependent nature of our market, there is the VERY unlikely possibility that Market Managers may not be able to fill all boxes every week. We pack boxes at the end of the market to ensure we sell-out, enabling us to buy in bulk to keep our prices low and avoid food waste. This means on VERY rare occasions it is possible that the market customers purchase produce before the manager realizes the volume of produce is getting low. If this occurs you will be fully refunded.


Ready to Sign up?

Simply email your local market manager using the form below.

Please ensure you have read the subscription information carefully.

Hub Locations & Times


Living Learning Pakenham: 1pm - 4.30pm

Pakenham Library: 2pm- 8:30pm

Princess High Way, Pakenham (Private Residence): 4.30pm - 8pm

Cockatoo Community House: 3pm - 8pm

Want to Know More?

Email your market manager using the form below with your inquiry.

No Hub Near You?

No worries! Your house or business can hub too! Email your local Market Manager using the “Want to Know More” button above.