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Veggie Boxes

Whats in A Box?

Your box will be filled with seasonal and staple fruit and veg. It will be different every week, but always a nice balanced range, allowing you to cook interesting meals.

How much does it cost?

We have two sizes:

$25 will feed 1-2 people.

$40 will feed 2-4 people.

How do I receive my box?

You can pick up your box from one of our Community Grocer Hubs. Hub locations are listed on the sign up page.

How does my box support market customers?

Boxes allows us to sell more and to sell out - the more we sell and less we waste, the lower we can make our prices.  Your box help us to do what we do best - running weekly fresh food market for healthy connected communities.

How is my box delivered?

At our Carlton market we are trialing a bicycle delivery of our boxes to local subscribers. Support this important pilot so we can extend it to all inner city markets.

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What am I signing up for?

What you’re signing up for is a subscription service to receive a 'seasonals and staples' fruit and veg box each week.

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For Businesses & Organisations

If you would like a custom box for your workplace, community group or activity, please email the relevant market manager directly with links on the Markets Page.