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Volunteer at Your Local Market

Volunteers assist the Market Manager with the tasks of setting up, running and packing down a market, providing customer service and sales advice.

Our markets are volunteer powered Jump on board today!

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Tasks include:

● Working the tills, weighing produce and handling cash
● Point of Sale (POS) App
● Pricing and signage
● Quality control: restocking, consolidating and keeping good stock appearance
● Filling customer orders & hyper-local deliveries with trolley
● Tidying, cleaning, and flattening boxes
● Customer service: welcoming & greeting customers, responding to questions, conveying information
● Chopping fruit and veg for sale and tasting
● Conducting customer questionnaires
● Assisting with marketing and on sell strategies


● A friendly attitude & willingness to learn
● Ability to work as part of a team
● Ability to assist with manual handling tasks
● Financial literacy
● Demonstrate commitment to occupational health and safety
● Understanding of cultural appropriateness


● Capable to lifting up to 15Kg
● Standing for up to four hours at a time